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Biological Waste Management and Disposal Los Angeles California

Segregation and Handling Infectious, Potentially Infectious, or R-DNA Biological Waste Waste items that are, contain, or are contaminated with:human, animal, or plant pathogensrecombinant nucleic acids (e.g. rDNA)human / primate blood, blood products, tissues, cultures, cells, or other potentially infectious material (OPIM)culturesThis waste must be inactivated (e.g. autoclaved or bleach treated) before it leaves the facility. Non-inactivated waste must be stored in the generating laboratory – do not leave unattended. Waste biohazardous for humans must be labeled with the biohazard symbol. Infectious waste must be kept covered and must be inactivated within 24 hrs. Non-infectious Biological Waste Waste items that are: Used labware (tissue culture dishes and flasks, petri dishes, centrifuge tubes, test tubes, pipettes, vials, etc) from clinical or biomedical labs that is NOT contaminated with any of the biological wastes listed in Infectious, Potentially Infectious or R-DNA Biological…

Floating Toilets That Clean Themselves Grow On A Lake

NSIKAN AKPAN A pod to pick up your poo: The Handy Pod features floating hyacinth plants placed underneath a houseboat's latrine. The blue tarp offers privacy. Courtesy Taber Hand Imagine you live on a floating lake house. Open air. Chirping crickets. Clear, starry nights. Everything seems great until you need to use the bathroom. The natural instinct might be to make a deposit in the water. But that wouldn't be safe. Microbes in your feces would contaminate the water and could cause outbreaks of deadly diseases, like cholera. OATS AND SODA 

Injection Wells: The Poison Beneath Us

Lax oversight, uncertain science plague program under which industries dump trillions of gallons of waste underground
A class 2 brine disposal well in western Louisiana near the Texas border. The well sat by the side of the road, without restricted access. (Abrahm Lustgarten/ProPublica) by Abrahm Lustgarten
Over the past several decades, U.S. industries have injected more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquid deep into the earth, using broad expanses of the nation's geology as an invisible dumping ground.
No company would be allowed to pour such dangerous chemicals into the rivers or onto the soil. But until recently, scientists and environmental officials have assumed that deep layers of rock beneath the earth would safely entomb the waste for millennia. There are growing signs they were mistaken. 

Records from disparate corners of the United States show that wells drilled to bury this waste deep beneath the…


European trends in garden and food waste management by Tony Breton Biowaste (food and garden waste) makes up at least 32% - or 120 million tonnes - of municipal solid waste (MSW) in European Union (EU) countries.1 It is therefore unsurprising that biowaste is playing an increasingly important role in some Member States’ waste management strategies. As early as 1983, Germany introduced source-separate collection schemes for biowaste and a number of Member States, mainly from central Europe (such as the Netherlands and Austria), have since introduced local obligations requiring such schemes.  It is often argued that separate collection schemes can be an expensive option and when viewed in isolation this is generally true; however, if the whole system is considered - including potential reductions in residual collections, high biowaste recovery rates, the benefits of returning organic matter to land, energy recovery and public acceptance - the overall economic and environmental benefits …

Laurent de Brunhoff Reveals Shocking Beginning of Beloved Babar Series

The scoop on what's behind the shocking killing of the little elephant's mother in the first Babar book. 
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Can Recycling Increase Your Attractiveness?

Who knew that recycling could make people consider you more attractive? Usually when I’m at a restaurant or and at party and ask “is there somewhere that this can be recycled?” the response I get is “Are you serious? Relax.” but according to the results of a poll by PepsiCo I may be hanging around the wrong people. During a survey of 1,140 Americans, PepsiCo found that many Americans over the age of 18 find recycling an attractive, mate worthy trait. Hooray! The study found the following:
- 40% of people said they would have a more positive opinion of someone if they learned they recycled
– 21% of people said they would be turned off if they found out on the first date the other person didn’t recycle.
– 2 in 5 respondents want a significant other who cares about the environment Improved sex appeal (attractiveness) is a pretty powerful incentive. For many people increasing attractiveness may be a more powerful incentive then increasing sustainability and doing our part to protect the envir…

Air pollution down thanks to California's regulation of diesel trucks

Date: December 11, 2014 Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Summary: Ever wonder what’s in the black cloud that emits from some semi trucks that you pass on the freeway? Scientists knows very precisely what’s in there, having conducted detailed measurements of thousands of heavy-duty trucks over months at a time at two San Francisco Bay Area locations.
Ever wonder what's in the black cloud that emits from some semi trucks that you pass on the freeway? Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) scientist Thomas Kirchstetter knows very precisely what's in there, having conducted detailed measurements of thousands of heavy-duty trucks over months at a time at two San Francisco Bay Area locations.
With a specially outfitted research van equipped with sophisticated monitors for several pollutant types, he and his team are studying emissions levels from diesel trucks to understand and analyze the impact of new control technologies and California air pollution re…

India’s New Recyclistas

The trouble with car tyres is that they weren’t designed to be used in handbags one could carry to a Page 3 event. No, they insist on being curved, not flat enough to use in one long satisfying strip, and besides, they have steel and other undesirable elements embedded in them. In that sense, used tyre tubes are much better – they are grooveless, plain rubber, and have absolutely no use to anyone in the world except the homeless who burn them for warmth in winter, and we all know that causes pollution. It’s far more responsible to wear them on your arm instead. Far more fashionable too. Poonam Nanda, head of production at Rogue ‘N’ Rags, multitasks with ease. She switches between explaining the making of tyre bags, cuddling Brandy the Lhasa Apso, casting a critical gaze over finished bags and wallets, and checking the threadwork of half a dozen cobbler-turned-bagmakers in the firm’s Delhi workshop. For over two decades, Nanda headed an American garment production house, where she led…

Happy Shih Tzu

Toxins In My Tampax? New Feminine Care Products Study Result Points To Yes

Feminine care products. They’re an inevitable part of life if you’re a woman. You can’t really avoid them, short of having surgery, can you?
Since these products come into close contact with the most sensitive parts of our bodies, they should be safe and free of harmful chemicals, right? Unfortunately that is no longer an assumption that can or should be made.
Detox the Box
The non-profit Women’s Voices of the Earth (WVE) recently conducted testing on Always Pads, a major brand of feminine care products manufactured by Proctor & Gamble. These tests showed the pads emit toxic chemicals, including some that have been identified as carcinogens and reproductive and developmental toxins by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Toxicology Program, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry and the State of California Environmental Protection Agency.
A partial list of concerning chemicals detected include:
Styrene (a human carcinogen)Chloromethane (a reprodu…


Pelicans over Newport Beach this past week,

Bed Bug Action Plan for Hotels

The season of traveling for the holidays will begin soon and if you are staying in hotels and motels,bed bugs are on a rise and love traveling around luggage and around your room. These pesky critters can cause an uncomfortable night and disturb your sleep and cause severe itchiness through out your entire trip. Worst case scenario, they can travel in your luggage and travel to your home without you even knowing. The solution, having a bed bug action plan. Many businesses in the hospitality industry are doing a great job in taking action to protect their guests when dealing with bed bugs. Hotels also are working with pest management companies to quickly get rid of any pests and solve their bed bug problems quickly. However, there have also been many cases where hotel management do not know that their hotels have bed bugs and their staff do not as well.
BED BUGS NEAR LAX A recent case near the International Los Angeles Airport not only had a bed bug problem but their staff will be on …

E-waste Trading Platform Woos 'Ethical' Businesses

When it comes to disposing of electronic waste such as computers, televisions and other gadgets responsibly, there are two big certification programs that can help guide a company’s selection of disposal partner.
Their oversight is critical for controlling where discarded technology winds up and ensuring that certain toxic components don’t find their way into landfills, where they can foul up groundwater supplies and otherwise endanger human health—especially in rural locations in China and India.
The organization behind one of those initiatives, Basel Action Network (BAN), just introduced a business-to-business trading platform to make finding certified recycling partners simpler to help companies recover more value from outdated or damaged technology

The site, called e-Stewards Marketplace, lets businesses register items they are trying to unload. Registered buyers are all approved e-Stewards operations. The marketplace also supports trading of scrap materials and sales of refurbis…


Residents express their outrage during a community meeting hosted by the SCAQMD.

Vernon, CA shares a dubious association with Frisco, TX, Baton Rouge, LA, Atlanta, GA, and perhaps other cities: their soil, air, and water have been contaminated by the battery recycler, Exide Technologies. Vernon, CA is one of many ‘toxic hot spots’ in California and across the nation where homes and schools are one door away from polluting industries.

Exide has operated the facility on South Indiana street since 2000. Since then they’ve built an impressive pollution rap-sheet. Air quality regulators (South Coast Air Quality Management District or SCAQMD) deplored the serial violator as a “higher cancer risk to more people than any of more than 450 facilities the agency has regulated… in the last 25 years.” The consequences are recorded in people’s bodies as residents witness family members and neighbors develop major illness, such as cancer, and children’s development is stunted.

In April, 2013 officia…

Odd asbestos-containing materials found during building suveys

Odd asbestos-containing materials found during building suveys Technical Chief - The Environmental InstituteTop Contributor We have a lot of interest here in the odd materials we find during building surveys...especially those many might not always find even with much experience. If you have odd materials you've found that you can describe with how they were used...let's make a list so we can all benefit from the combined experiences.
Stephen Stephen Gheen, PE Gheen Engineering Good topic! I'm always interested in expanding may knowledge and avoiding change orders. I'm not sure these qualify as odd materials, but they are often asbestos containing and I don't often see them in other consultant's reports: vapor barrier behind brick veneer; vapor barrier on the interior side of exterior walls behind plaster; gypsum roof deck (this is less often ACM, but I've found it on at least 3 roofs); mastic / vapor barrier below floor filler and flooring; an…