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Christopher John Myers Darling

Christopher John Myers Darling

Christopher John Myers Darling

Christopher John Myers Darling
July 21, 1971 – July 20, 2011

  Christopher died unexpectedly on July 20th with his family by his side. He had somehow contracted necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria) and it shut down his body very quickly to the shock of everyone.
  Christopher was born in Newport Beach in 1971 and grew up on Balboa Island. He was an avid sportsman during his life. Junior All American and Corona del Mar High School Football, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, fishing and most of all surfing.
  His work in the culinary field allowed him to travel. He lived on Maui for several years with shorter stays in Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas and Cabo San Lucas.
  Chris had many lifelong friends from the Newport area and from his travels. He was known affectionately by the name of “Beanie” to many of his friends. To be his friend was to be a friend for life.
  He was an accomplished musician, playing the guitar, bass, drums and singing with several bands. His friends say his smile would light up the room. He was the life of the party.
  Chris was a wonderful and devoted father to two beautiful girls, a great big brother, and a wonderful and caring son, always remembering the important occasions. Just a wonderful person. He was very loved and will be deeply missed by his family and many, many friends.
  He is survived by his parents, Bill & Penny Darling, brothers, Michael & John Darling, daughters, Gwendolyn & Naomi Smith, their mother , Sarah Smith, Aunt & Uncle, Pamela & Lewis Canfield, Aunt, Stephanie Myers, Cousin, Grayton Myers, Aunt & Uncle, Sue & Dan Naber, Cousins, Amy & Tom Loveless, Cousins, Laurie Naber & Chris Anderson and countless friends.
  Services will be held on Thursday, Aug. 18th at 5pm. at the Lighthouse Community Church located at 300 Magnolia St. Costa Mesa. A “Celebration of Life” will follow the services at the Boathouse Collective. There will be a “Paddle Out” on Friday, Aug. 19th.
  In lieu of flowers, the family and Chris would appreciate a contribution to a fund being created for the benefit of his daughters and their future needs. Information for this fund can be found on Facebook, R.I.P. Chris Darling or a contribution can be sent to his mother, Penny Darling at 120 Pearl Ave., Balboa Island, Ca. 92662. For further information call (949) 675-2661.


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