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If Table Saws Can Be Safer, Why Aren't They?

I found the following story on the NPR iPad App: Table Saws Can Be Safer, Why Aren't They?
by Chris Arnold
NPR - June 18, 2011This week some of the nation's biggest power tool companies sent their executives to Washington. They came to argue against tougher safety mandates for so-called table saws, the popular power tools with large open spinning blades. NPR's Chris Arnold has this Reporter's Notebook.Seven years ago, I was flying on an airplane and thumbing through a woodworking magazine. In the back of it, I came across a little ad for a table saw that wouldn't cut off your fingers. That sounded like a good kind of saw to me; I like doing home-improvement projects. And it just sounded interesting. So when I got home, I called up the inventor. It turned out he had a pretty amazing story to tell.I found out that table saws cause thousands of these really horrible inj…

The latest in green fashion: caps and gowns....recycled plastic

Caltech's graduating class marched across the stage at Friday's commencement ceremony bedecked in more than 12,000 plastic bottles.And it wasn't a prank.Related State seeks compensation for Nevada Test Site contaminationNASA's Sustainability Base generates buzz for its eco-friendly architecturePhoto: Caps and gownsWal-Mart's motive is no secret: Going green saves it money More than 500 graduates of a school known for elaborate ruses — such as changing the Hollywood sign to read "Caltech" — donned garments made entirely of fabric spun from molten plastic pellets instead of the traditional polyester caps and gowns.Graduation planners around the country are greening their ceremonies, cutting back on printed materials and balloons filled with non-renewable helium and choosing compostable dinnerware, biodegradable water bottles and campus-grown floral displays.But to graduates such as Catherine Beni, who at 20 years old is the youngest ever to receive a doctora…