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Architects transform unused silo into a residential sky rise

Eco Factor: Sustainable residential development.In Denmark there are a number of centrally located industrial silos, most of which are no longer in use, but still clog the skyline. C.F. Møller Architects along with Christian Carlsen Arkitektfirma have found a way to transform the silo complexes into modern residential developments using recycled materials.The architects have transformed a former silo complex into a rural 3000sqm high rise. Dubbed Sil(o)houette, the development features 21 residential apartments. The new residences are a mix of single-story flats and maisonettes, ensuring that the people in the lower levels have views of the countryside.The actual silo contains staircases and lifts, and provides the base of a common roof terrace. Around the tower, the apartments are built upon a steel structure in distinct forms that protrude out into the light and the landscape. The unique nature of the high rise makes sure that each and every apartment is filled with natural light wh…

Veterans Memorial dedicated at college

Though it's just burnt-orange bricks and meticulously made waterfalls from afar, the monument up close is the visualization of the struggles and victories of those who live and those who died for this country.The quad at Saddleback College was standing-room only Thursday – over 500 people strong – for the dedication of that monument, the college's Veterans Memorial, a football-shaped sculpture 14 feet high and 90 feet long highlighted by water features and life-size silhouettes of a soldier in full gear. Members of the public salute the flag as the Color Guard passes by during dedication ceremonies on Thursday. MORE PHOTOS » Veterans Memorial•14 feet tall by 90 feet long•Made with 27 tons of clay•A special mold was designed for the square-within-a-square style bricks•The interior structure of the kiln was salted to give the bricks multiple shades of color Each brick was created on campus, and the installation was completed with the help of people at the college and in the communit…

No water means No food

Read More; researchFrom News Line, a daily compilation of farm water news distributed to CFWC members and others upon request.  To receive News Line, click hereThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and submit your request. Irrigating for National Security
from Blogs by dzetland@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (David Zetland) - Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Coalition viewpoint...The writer misses a few very important points in this blog, revealing at least a lack of understanding of military operations and at most, a disregard for the safety of our armed forces, even here at home.The Navy promotes farming operations around Lemoore Naval Air Station for several important reasons.  They require large amounts of open space around a base that focuses on training flight crews. Birds attracted to non-farmed land pose a danger to those…

Legendary 1965-66 Men's Basketball Team Inducted into Hall of Fame

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The 1965-66 Oregon State University men’s basketball team was inducted into the State of Oregon Sports Hall of Fame Tues., Sept. 26.   The team, already in the OSU Sports Hall of Fame in 1993, is one of the most successful clubs in the history of the school.  The following is look back and an update on the team members.Pre-season prognosticators had picked the 1965-66 Oregon State University men’s basketball team to finish no better than 7-7 in conference play, about what they had done in '65. The squad contained no blue-chip athletes. In fact, not one player from the previous season had averaged more than 10 points a game.And it didn't help matters a bit when Valenti's boys opened conference play with a 75-39 drubbing at the hands of UCLA, one of the worst defeats in Oregon State basketball history. The starters were Charlie White (Capt.), Loy Peterson, Ed Fredenburg, Rick Whelan, and Scott Eaton. Center Fredenburg, at 6-6, was the shortest post player in the P…

'Plague' of 10 million ladybugs descend on eco-farm

A giant swarm of up to 10 million ladybirds has descended on a farm and covered 'every possible inch' of the 20-acre site.The red and black insect army fell 'like a cloud' over the farm and are now three or four deep on walls, tree trunks and machinery and look like a 'crawling, wriggling carpet' according to farmers.Alex Mortleman with just a few of the millions of ladybirds which have invaded a field in Chard, SomersetIt is the largest swarm of ladybirds in 10 years.Experts say the explosion of ladybirds are feasting on the natural 'larder' of aphids or greenfly, a plant-eating insect, that descended on the farm near Chard, Somerset, last month.Farmers there grow thousands of square metres of 'eco-roofing' made of sedum, a cactus-like grass - the aphid's favourite food.Ladybirds thrive on greenfly and as the sedum flourishes in summer, the numbers of aphids increase tenfold - attracting even larger numbers of the hungry bug.Staff at Blackd…

Étta and Rosie enjoying desert

Rhodes Scholar

Noelle Lopez, a senior Philosophy major and cross country athlete, was named one of 32 Rhodes Scholars in November, being the first student since 1955 to receive the prestigious award.
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Baring your sole

[Thirty years ago, the modern running shoe was invented. Since then, running-related injuries have risen. And so a growing movement of runners are taking to the streets barefoot.Perhaps no man  has had more positive influence upon running than Arthur Lydiard. Yet you could, perversely, almost blame the Kiwi master-coach for the pernicious rise of the modern, high-technology running shoe even though Lydiard’s cadre of world-class runners trained only in canvas plimsolls.American Bill Bowerman ran with Lydiard in the early 1970s, and returned home inspired to experiment with his wife’s waffle iron to create the first Nike running shoe. Lydiard was aghast; he thought such footwear would cause injuries and poor technique. And as with so many other things, Lydiard, it appears, was ahead of his time.Since 2002, the 30th anniversary of the first Nike, and driven by statistics showing an alarming rise in running-related foot, ankle and knee injuries, a fringe community of runners have been re…

Top Dream Home Dupes

New building exploded during the housing boom. So did lazy construction practices.In early 2009 homeowners in Florida, Virginia and Louisiana began noticing odd things. Bathroom mirrors and pipes turned black. Computers and televisions stopped functioning, their circuit boards inexplicably fried. A foul smell plagued some houses. They reported health concerns too, from respiratory problems and bloody noses to insomnia.In Depth: How To Detect Dream-Home DupesResearch revealed that their homes were built with imported Chinese drywall, a material that came into use at the start of the housing boom and proliferated in certain Southeastern states when, in 2006 and 2007, damage from severe hurricanes added to demand for new building. The inexpensive and readily available alternative to American drywall contained hydrogen sulfide gas, which ate away at metals and affected air quality.Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommended that any homes with the toxic walls be co…

Santa Clara team; REFRACT HOUSE...Falstaff Abercrombie amd the Greenbergers

--> ConceptRefract House:
A holistic approach
to green livingDesignRefract House employs an innovative and cost-effective strategy to climate-friendly buildingTechnologyThe systems in the Refract House provide an unprecedented level of comfortTeamRefract House is a collaboration between Santa Clara University and California College of the Arts