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San Diego Asked to Lead Nation in Sustainability

In two days government agencies, public utilities, environmental groups and others will publicly demand that residents in San Diego dramatically change the way they live. The movement is for sustainability and it seeks that every man, woman and child in San Diego—about 1,256,951 residents to be exact—literally STAND FOR LESS— by reducing consumption of all types: electricity, gas, water and products that produce the waste that is clogging landfills. The model is the first of its kind in the country, and when it proves success, it could roll out to every city in California—in fact given California’s leadership on environmental issues, it could be a road map for cities across the nation. It will launch April 8, in Downtown San Diego at Martin Luther King Jr. Promenade Park, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
The need for this campaign was born out of research which indicated that California residents were overwhelmed with sustainability information to the point of confusion, some so confused that they were not doing anything to contribute to the solution. The new campaign will unite all residents under one movement for change to, STAND FOR LESS.
The urgency of creating a groundswell of sustainability among residents stems from the Global Warming Solutions Act that in California means reducing greenhouse gas levels to those of 1990 by the year 2020. Collectively, the most aggressive state mandate in the country.
San Diego residents will be asked to take action by local groups and with the help of a public education social marketing campaign. They will be asked to do MORE for the environment and conservation of resources, by doing LESS, in every aspect of their lives. They will be asked to “sign on” and learn to be a STAND FOR LESS “activist” by going to
The California Department of Conservation is partly heading the initiative—with support from multiple partners including the City of San Diego, utility companies, environmental groups and government agencies charged with manning all of the precious resources for California.
I’d like to provide you with more specific details about the effort, copies of the advertising campaign, put you in touch with spokespeople of STAND FOR LESS including the California Department of Conservation, as well as the San Diego Mayor who is demonstrating his strong leadership by being the first to sign onto this important 18-month pilot. I’ll be following up with a phone call. Attached is the media alert with details of the launch event.
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